Keiser University

Keiser University

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Keiser University is a private university in Florida, known for its career-focused education programs and its diverse range of degrees offered both on campus and online. It has campuses throughout Florida and offers programs in fields such as business, healthcare, technology, and criminal justice.

Keiser University Details

Keiser University was founded in 1977 by Arthur Keiser and his mother, Evelyn Keiser, as a career college in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Over the years, it has expanded to include multiple campuses across the state and has grown into a comprehensive university offering associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in various fields.

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The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award certificates and degrees at the associate, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral levels.

Keiser University is known for its hands-on, career-focused approach to education, with programs designed to prepare students for real-world success in their chosen fields. It offers a wide range of programs, including those in business, health sciences, nursing, criminal justice, information technology, and more.

In addition to its traditional on-campus programs, Keiser University also offers online degree programs, providing flexibility for students who may not be able to attend classes in person. The university emphasizes small class sizes, personalized attention, and a supportive learning environment.

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Keiser University Courses

Keiser University offers a diverse range of courses across various fields of study. Some of the key areas in which courses are offered include:

  1. Business Administration
  2. Health Sciences
  3. Nursing
  4. Information Technology
  5. Criminal Justice
  6. Psychology
  7. Education
  8. Legal Studies
  9. Homeland Security
  10. Sports Management
  11. Graphic Arts and Design
  12. Culinary Arts
  13. Biomedical Sciences
  14. Cybersecurity
  15. Public Administration

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These courses are available at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, providing students with options to pursue their education at different stages of their academic and professional journey. Keiser University’s curriculum is designed to be career-focused, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their chosen fields.


Keiser University offers various scholarship opportunities to help students offset the cost of their education. These scholarships may be based on academic achievement, financial need, leadership qualities, or other criteria. Some of the scholarship options available at Keiser University include:

  1. Presidential Scholarship: Awarded to incoming freshmen who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and leadership potential.
  2. Transfer Scholarship: Available to transfer students who have demonstrated academic success at their previous institution.
  3. Career Education Grant: Provides financial assistance to students pursuing certain career-focused programs at Keiser University.
  4. Military Scholarship: Designed for active duty, reserve, or veteran military personnel and their spouses or dependents.
  5. Athletic Scholarships: Offered to student-athletes who excel in their sport and demonstrate strong academic performance.
  6. Additionally, Keiser University encourages students to explore external scholarship opportunities offered by organizations, foundations, and corporations that may be applicable to their academic pursuits. The university’s financial aid office can provide guidance and support to students seeking scholarship assistance.

Keiser University Ranking

As of my last update, Keiser University’s ranking among universities was not prominently featured in national or international rankings like those produced by U.S. News & World Report or Times Higher Education. Keiser University is a regionally accredited private university in the United States known for its career-focused education programs and its commitment to student success. While rankings can be one factor to consider when choosing a university, it’s also important to research factors such as program offerings, faculty expertise, student support services, and alumni outcomes to determine if a university is the right fit for you.

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Keiser University Location

Keiser University has multiple campus locations throughout the state of Florida, providing convenient access to students across the region. Some of the main campus locations include:

  1. Fort Lauderdale Campus
  2. West Palm Beach Campus
  3. Miami Campus
  4. Tampa Campus
  5. Orlando Campus
  6. Jacksonville Campus
  7. Sarasota Campus
  8. Daytona Beach Campus
  9. Lakeland Campus
  10. Fort Myers Campus

In addition to these main campuses, Keiser University also offers online degree programs, allowing students to pursue their education remotely from anywhere with internet access.

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